Chord Progression

The series of musical chords
that constitute a progression
are the building blocks
of a musical form.
A chord progression is
the order in which the
chords of a song are played.

A particular type of chord
progression could even define
an entire genre of music.
Most popular songs are based on
the similar progression formulas.

In most songs a chord progression
will create a feeling of stability,
evoke tension, and then re-establish
the sense of stability.
A chord in a progression can feel
resolved or unresolved,
the purpose of most progressions is
to find harmony.

The harmonic function of a chord
can vary according to where it is
in a progression. Alternating between
two chords is the simplest
type of chord progression.
In fact, some songs do not
have any chord changes at all.
In a chord progression,
the interplay between chords
creates harmonic movement.

This harmonic progression creates mood
and feeling, it helps
to describe and convey emotion.

The "I-IV-V" or "tonic, subdominant, dominant"
pattern is the progression of blues
and most popular music.