Major Pentatonic Scale

A Pentatonic Scale is a scale with five notes (tones) per octave. pentatonic scales are common throughout the world and have been utilized by people of various cultures for millenia. The Major Pentatonic Scale is common in blues, rock, country, and metal.

The Major Pentatonic Scale has the same tones as the Major Scale, but omits the 4th and 7th degrees. It can be thought of as "do-re-me--so-la--do".

The Pentatonic Scale formula can be applied to any root note to play the scale in any key. After the Root (Tonic) note, the following notes are separated by; a Whole Tone (2), another Whole Tone (3), a Whole & a Half Tone (4), Whole Tone (5), and another Whole & a Half Tone to the Supertonic. The supertonic is an "octave" above the tonic, they are the same note, but the Supertonic is twice the pitch.