(Natural) Minor Scale

The (Natural) Minor Scale has the same tones as the Major Scale, but uses the sixth tone of the Major Scale as its tonic. The Minor Scale is same sequence of notes as the Aeolian Mode of the Major Scale.

The series of seven notes that describe the tonality of the Minor Scale are called; (1) Tonic, (2) Supertonic, (3) Mediant, (4) Subdominant, (5) Dominant, (6) Submediant/Superdominant (7) Leading Tone/Subtonic. The tonic is thought of as the 'center' in this formulation.

Following the first note (Tonic/Root) of the Major Scale, the subsequent notes in the sequence are a; Whole Step (2), Half Step (3), Whole Step (4), Whole Step (5), Half Step (6), Whole Step (7), & a Whole Step (8) from the preceding tones. The eighth note of the Major Scale is double the frequency of the first note of the scale, therefore it is an octave above the tonic.